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Do you possess any idea about a backyard pool that is perfect? Or a court for playing basketball is mostly your style? This three-dimensional innovative solution of rendering puts one in complete control of the designs while giving one the paralleled insight into the landscape property. You shall be completely able to have the designs realized before the process of installation begins. This ensures you are completely satisfied with the outcomes.

You Choose the Design

We at Best Synthetic Lawns in Miami use the technology of the latest kind and many years of design experience for the backyard which helps you in transforming the living space outdoors. From the green rooftops and tile courtyards to the court arenas of multi-game and indoor-trampolines, you have the provision to let us know the concept. After we have heard you, we can have the landscape converted and you shall love calling it your own home.

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Leave the Installation to Us

We have designed outdoor living spaces for Latin Pop Star Armando Christian Perez (PITBULL), Professional Baseball Player of the New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez (A-ROD), and Professional Baseball Player for the Detroit Tigers, Jose Iglesias, to name a few.

Call us today at 305-392-0771 for a free estimate, and let Synthetic Lawns of Miami bring your ideal outdoor living space to life.