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Choosing Between Artificial Turf and Natural Grass for the Pools around

The summers can be extremely sultry in some regions and the only way for beating the heat is relaxing beside the pool in your garden’s comfort. A pool can be the best place for family and friends to gather. Many witnesses multiple uses of this area which continues well even after the summer months have ended. Spending time around and in the pool can be a significant highlight of the summer memories of any family. It is also an excellent means to hang out with friends while catching up.

Which one is better?

The first choice of any homeowner is to automatically opt for natural grass because that is what everyone is familiar with. When the grass appears healthy and routine maintenance is performed on it, for keeping it well-maintained and manicured, this turns out to be one of the beautiful additions to the pool area of the yard. However, a critical difference must be remembered. This is that grass which is natural does not look amazing by itself but it takes mowing, watering, weeding, fertilizing and aerating.

However, despite such efforts, there is no guarantee that it shall look, even-colored, attractive or healthy. Artificial turf allows one to enjoy the feel and look of a well-maintained and gorgeous lawn. All this without an excess of either effort or time spent to maintain it. The time that maintaining natural grass would have taken can now be spent sitting and enjoying by the pool, instead.

Artificial lawns are durable

There can be excess traffic around the yard around the area of the pool because summers mean a lot of playing, running, jumping and splashing. This means a ground cover that is durable, needs to be there. Artificial can withstand heavier use, unlike natural grass.

The water wastage

Gallons of water are required for upkeep and maintaining the natural grass lawns. This can be disadvantageous for areas that face water scarcity. But, there is an easier conservation of water with artificial lawns.